4eme option Tourisme : Christmas house outing

December 17th, 2021


My school Trip experience


Me and my Tourism class went on a school trip and we went to the Christmas house. As we arrived at the Christmas house, we were escorted up the stairs and there we were introduced to a kind Lady named Sandra and two representatives of the tourism office and they spoke to us about how they and their team are doing as much as they can to organise more outings for us. After that Sandra started to make the Journey cakes and explain which ingredient goes first. Just the basic steps on how to make the perfect Journey cake she also gave us one important tip “TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO”. After mixing all the ingredients we let the dough set for 15-20 minutes. After that two of my classmates volunteered to make some Journey cake batter.

After the time passed, we were each given a piece of dough to roll and later form into Journey cakes.

Then we took a little tour of the rest of the Christmas house.

Then after a little while, it was time to fry our Journey cakes. When it was my turn into the kitchen, Sandra assisted me when frying the Johnny cakes along with my classmates. After that we each added some toppings to our Journey cakes.

We ate our Journey cakes, chatted, drank juice and had a great time.

My school trip experience was super fun!  I learned so many things on this trip and would be looking forward to much more…


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